Terry Crews is Blowing Up the Yule Log This Holiday Season

Christmas has come early thanks to Old Spice, their legendary Old Spice Guy, Terry Crews, and more than 3,500 explosions. The “Ye Olde Exploding Yule Log” is the wonderful 60-minute video you see below, featuring Terry Crews blended into roughly 175 explosions per minute.

Why you ask? Well, it’s Old Spice, that’s why. Since the holidays are known for their endless movie marathons, today, Old Spice is kicking off the “Ye Olde Exploding Yule Log” through a 24-hour marathon exclusively on Twitch.

Terry Crews in a Christmas Sweater

While you spread holiday cheer at your next party, pay close attention to the video and you’ll see a special knitted appearance from the other Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa. I won’t tell you when he appears, because that takes the fun out of you watching the whole thing. Happy Holidays!

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