As kids, we escaped our world by creating a new one using LEGOS. In The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling, authors Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman — two veteran builders in the LEGO space — introduce us to twenty-four of the most talented LEGO scale modelers.

A perfect coffee table book for any LEGO fan. You can expect to see models like a Caterpillar bulldozer complete with two motors; trains with actual lights, horns, working doors, and even smoke effects; United States military aircraft; the Tyr Viking, a four-foot-long ship crafted from more than 20,000 LEGO pieces; Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen cars; and Harley Davidson classics and custom choppers.

“What I love about LEGO scale modeling is that it’s so complex, you can always be improving your work,” explains Glaasker. “By choosing new subjects, and with LEGO’s continuous introduction of new pieces, there are always new challenges ahead; it’s an endless medium for exploration.”

Art of Lego Scale Model British Rail

Art of Lego Scale Peterbilt

Art of Lego Scale Porsche 962c

Art of Lego Scale Ship

The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling will be available in bookstores and online this September.

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