Looking for The Office Zoom Backgrounds? Here are a few of our favorites!

I’m what you might call a diehard fan of The Office. I have proudly seen the entire series all the way through no less than 15 times, and can probably quote every episode. No joke, it’s currently on in the background while I write this blog post.

If you too are a fan of The Office, then you will absolutely want to use one of these The Office Zoom backgrounds for your next meeting. I went through a bunch of different backgrounds from the series but settled on five of my favorite that is high quality and will certainly make you stand out during your next Zoom call.

The Office Zoom Backgrounds

The Office Conference Room Interview Window

The Office Conference Room Interview Window Background

Any true fan of The Office will recognize this window. This is where the majority of interviews are held during the show.

Michael Scott's The Office Zoom Background

Michael Scott’s Office Desk Background

Perhaps the other fan-favorite background is of Michael Scott’s desk because anything to do with Michael Scott is pure gold.

Michael Scott Wayne Gretzky Quote - The Office Zoom Backgorund

Michael Scott Wayne Gretzky Quote Background

We all know the infamous stolen quote that Michael Scott likes to take credit for. When he branched off and started his own paper company, you find him contemplating his life decisions in front of a famous Wayne Gretzky quote.

I apologize for the rough editing, but it was a little tough cutting out the boss from the photo while keeping it high quality. Hope it makes a few fans of the show laugh during your next Zoom meeting.

Jim Halpert's Desk for The Office Zoom background

Jim Halpert’s Desk Background

One of the most beloved characters of The Office has to be Jim Halpert. Here is a great shot of his desk perfect for use as a Zoom background.

Pam Beesly Art Show - The Office Zoom Backgrouns

Pam Beesly Art Show Background

Season 3; Episode 17 might have one of my favorite moments from The Office. Pam Beesly is showing her work at a local art show and only one co-worker chose to show up to support her. Unfortunately, it was the smug Oscar and his boyfriend, who end up insulting her work behind her back. Thankfully, Michael Scott saves the day and buys the painting of the Dunder Mifflin office. Easily one of the sweetest moments in the show.

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