According to Anna Kendrick, warm ugly sweaters, bags of Tostitos with salsa and queso, and men with BeardNaments are a few of her favorite things. Anna leads the Frito-Lay Anthem in the wonderful two-minute holiday-themed video you see below where you will spot a variety of popular Frito-Lay snacks, as well as a few gents garnished with beard decorations from BeardNaments.

I loved that Frito-Lay found a way to sneak in a Stranger Things character, who just so happens to have an affinity for Cheetos. See if you can spot Keith (Matty Cardarople) wiping his orange dusted fingers on his shirt.

These beard ornaments are the gift that keeps on giving. “BeardNaments” creator Lynne George donates a portion of her online store’s proceeds to military veteran charities every year, so you know your beard decoration investment is going to a good cause and not just your beard’s vanity.