Where are my diamond hands, WallStreetBets, Reddit meme investors at? Topps has the perfect collectible card pack just for you.

The 12 card Garbage Pail Kids “Gamestonkset” set features Bernie Sanders, Elon Musk, and Reddit’s /wallstreetbets versus Wall Street. Priced at just $19.99 USD, this meme set is sure to sell out quick.

They say having a diversified portfolio is best, so why not capitalize by reinvesting some of your profits from your GME stock and buy a few of these collectibles to commemorate your victory against the evil hedge funds.

Here is the full list of subjects found in the Gamestonk pack:

  • Big Screen Bernie
  • Sanders Cinema
  • Adam Bomb
  • Busted Billy
  • Reditt Remy
  • Stock Upton
  • Electic Elon
  • U. Musk Invest
  • Cash Machine Chamath
  • Pay Day Paul
  • Industrubctible Ian
  • For-Chen 500