Apex Legends new champion, Valkyrie

One of the most exciting times for the gaming community is when there is a new event. Most battle royale these days have events scheduled throughout the year, peppered in-between seasons to keep things fresh and exciting. Respawn Entertainment, the developers of FPS battle royale Apex Legends has continued to release exciting new events through map changes, playlist variants, and by releasing new characters, aka. Champions.

Their latest Champion to drop is Valkyrie, a young character eager to avenge her father’s death. I haven’t seen her in-game play just yet, but Respawn did treat us to her back story, which leads us to believe she is going to a top-tier movement character akin to my personal favorite Champion, Octane.

Watch the ‘Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “Northstar”‘ video above and stay tuned for in-game gameplay of Valkyrie due out in the coming weeks. Stories from the Outland is set to drop May 4, 2021.