What is iGaming (And Why It’s the Future of Online Gaming)

iGaming refers to any kind of game or activity that involves placing online bets or playing games that involve wagering. The concept is widely used to describe activities that can be partaken in online casinos and gambling sites like sportsbooks.

Although iGaming has been around since the 1990s, its perennial growth has managed to give it a leading role in the evolution of online gaming. iGaming has, in fact, fused with online gambling in many ways, taking aspects of classic video games and incorporating them into wagering as the years have gone by.

This is just one of the multiple aspects of why the iGaming world is likely going to pave the way for further evolution of the online gaming world. In this article, we’ll take a look at the main reasons why it’s very likely that iGaming will lead the way for the ever-growing online gaming industry!

1. Thousands of Games

Online casinos have become gambling platforms that offer thousands of games to those who are willing to put their money on the line. The rise of iGaming software developers has turned the online gambling world into a place where it’s impossible to ever get bored. Modern casino platforms could offer upwards of 6,000 games that include slots, table games, virtual scratch cards, video bingo, video poker, and even live casino titles. Such variety is invaluable and plays a key role in why iGaming is leading the way for the growth of online gambling.

2. Cryptocurrency Gaming

Cryptocurrencies are widely accepted as a payment method across the iGaming world, giving access to gamblers that live in countries where national laws make it difficult to deposit in online casinos. However, you need to be careful to play on online gambling sites that are regulated, as the decentralization of cryptocurrency means that you could easily get scammed out of your money if you’re not careful where you play.

Thankfully, the team of experts of The Casino Wizard has thoroughly analyzed crypto casinos and set apart the best from the rest. You can read their BitStarz Casino review if you’re keen to find a legit crypto gambling site where it’s safe to play online.

3. Multiplatform Compatibility: Play from Anywhere

It doesn’t matter whether you’re willing to play casino games from a computer or if you’d rather do so from a mobile device: iGaming sites make it possible for you to access their websites and play their finest games from any device capable of browsing the internet.

4. Life-Changing Rewards within Your Reach

Modern online casinos give gamblers all sorts of options when it comes to earning life-changing rewards. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Jackpot slots like Mega Moolah and Wheel of Wishes, which consistently pay upwards of $1,000,000 to one lucky winner from time to time;
  • VIP Rewards for high-ranking members of online casinos allow players to earn rewards that could lead to fantastic real-money prizes or, in some cases, you can even earn invitations to real-life events by simply becoming a loyal member of an online casino;
  • Your average casino game may not offer the highest jackpot payouts, but it’s common for slots to provide players with rewards worth thousands of times the amount of money that they stake!

5. Bonuses and Free Play Features Aplenty

Online casinos also boost the popularity of the iGaming world by offering bonuses, which reward players with all sorts of amazing prizes. Among the most popular ones, you’ll find free spins and free money bonuses, which allow you to enjoy the best games in an online casino without spending a single cent out of your own pockets.

Taking advantage of iGaming offers is just one of the many ways for you to enjoy casino games for free, though. Online casinos do not close their doors to those looking to play free games, as you’ll find that many of their titles come with an option to be played with fake currency.

These are just some of the many reasons why the online gambling industry is so good at keeping players around.

6. Tournaments & Raffles

iGaming websites often hold tournaments that pit players in leaderboards, where the top competitors get access to all sorts of amazing rewards. Casino tournaments involve all sorts of online casino events, too; you can compete in slot tournaments, where the players that score the most points win, or you can participate in skill-based casino tournaments where you’ll test your skill playing poker or blackjack.

Likewise, you may participate in casino raffles, which are held in a handful of top-rated casinos. These raffles allow you to earn random prizes and they may be available for all sorts of casino players, although some iGaming sites have raffles only for VIP members.

7. Worldwide Poker & Bingo Rooms

Although many see iGaming as an individual activity, many prefer to wager online or test their luck against other players. The competitive aspect of iGaming is part of the reason why it’s likely going to continue its growth into the future, and poker and bingo rooms serve as the ideal locations for fans of online gambling to compete against one another.

Modern iGaming lobbies allow players of all budgets to compete. Play in low-stakes poker tables if you’re not willing to risk a ton of money or participate in poker tournaments against high rollers to test yourself against the best. Your options are aplenty.

8. Next-Level Security & Player Safety Features

In the early days of iGaming, it was difficult to argue in defense of how security worked. Back then, regulators were almost non-existent, which made it possible for all sorts of scam sites to arise, or for operators to easily refuse to pay winnings without any consequences to face.

Now, iGaming is on a completely different level when it comes to player safety. Casino licenses and certificates like the one given away by eCOGRA ensure players that the websites are safe and operated by reputable companies.

Their care for player safety goes even beyond that, with the presence of Responsible Gaming features to ensure that gamblers always remain safe. Popular Responsible Gaming features include:

  • The ability for players to set a limit on how much cash they’re allowed to deposit;
  • Timers that keep players from spending too much time playing online;
  • Options to close your account, either temporarily or permanently.

9. Ease-of-Access to Sports Betting Platforms

It’s easier than it ever was to wager on sports from the comfort of your home, or even when you only have access to your phone or tablet. Sports betting platforms are designed to be accessed from any type of mobile device, as they usually boast quick loading times and designs that suit small screens.

Playing in online casinos that also have sports betting apps makes it even easier to thoroughly enjoy an iGaming experience from wherever you go. The balance that you use to wager on sports and play casino games is the same, so you won’t even need to make an extra deposit to enjoy casino games and wager online!

10. Virtual Reality Potential

If you think that the modern iGaming world is close to reaching its full potential, think again. Virtual Reality gambling is likely to take a crucial role in the future, even if modern laws still prohibit online casinos from legally venturing into the VR gaming world.

As time goes by, though, it’s likely that we’ll see further advancements on this front. You can already see how big of a potential is held by VR iGaming when you download a fake-money casino platform from the store of your favorite VR console. Apps like PokerStars VR give us a glimpse into a very promising future that is likely to offer that and much more.


Gone are the days when fans of casino games had to leave their homes to play in land-based establishments. It’s now easier than ever to hop onto an online casino platform and enjoy thousands of games without doing anything other than moving your fingers.

The current state of iGaming may look really good as is, but with so many additional markets to explore and a player-based that seems to be on the up as time goes by, it makes sense to have high hopes for what the future of iGaming holds.

If you still haven’t joined the world of iGaming, then you’re in luck: there are plenty of sites ready to take you in, filled with rewards aplenty. Begin your journey and enjoy the perks of iGaming!

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