If there is one thing Wix does well–apart from making websites easy to make–it’s creating compelling advertising campaigns for their brand. There recently launched ‘Up For Anything’ web series is a perfect example of this. Each of the videos you will see below was created by not only the incredible creative team behind Wix, but also with the help of actual Wix users.

In the brand new web series you will meet the inspiring professionals who use Wix to showcase their creativity. Watch the first three episodes below and see just how ‘Up For Anything’ they really are.

Up For Anything Web Series

Episode 1: Fashion Show in the Sky

The first episode of the web series was not only my favorite of the ‘Up For Anything’ campaign, but was also the one I got to see filmed live. I was invited by the Wix team to go behind the scenes in the making of the Fashion Show in the Sky, featuring the talent of Wix users Josh Kercher (Fashion Designer) and Jesse Wellens (YouTuber).

Wix 'Up For Anything' Series - Episode 1
‘Up For Anything’ Episode 1: Fashion Show in the Sky


YouTube star Jesse Wellens reaches out to Josh Kercher, a fashion and apparel designer, to collaborate on a special fashion show. The up-and-coming designer is excited to showcase his vibrant line, but gets a huge shock when he realizes there’s no runway.

Episode 2: The Aoki Wave

I’m a huge Steve Aoki fan, so when I heard he was going to be part of the ‘Up For Anything’ web series I was stoked. Probably not quite as stoked as his partner for the video, Amanda Beenen-Cantor. They had the help of world-leading surf expert, DK Walsh of the famous Walsh brothers to guide them on getting the best shots on the water.

Wix 'Up For Anything' Series - Episode 2
‘Up For Anything’ Episode 2: The Aoki Wave


World-famous DJ Steve Aoki wants to find a promising young director to shoot his next music video. After searching online, he finds Amanda Beenen-Cantor, a Hawaii-based video creator and photographer. She accepts Steve’s challenge and puts together a video featuring big waves and a couple of local tow-surfing legends.

Episode 3: Fearless Parkour Girl

I’ve written about DevinSuperTramp quite a few times in the past. It’s hard not to when he puts out some of the coolest content on the internet. His most recent project was working with Elise Bickley on the Wix web series, a 14-year old parkour phenom from the UK. Devin called upon his longtime collaborator and parkour bud, Calen Chan to help Elise with choreography onthe parkour video.

Wix 'Up For Anything' Series - Episode 3
‘Up For Anything’ Episode 2: Fearless Parkour Girl


Extreme director DevinSuperTramp teams up with Calen Chan, an accomplished parkour and freerunning athlete. Together, they discover a new talent online—Elise Bickley, a 14-year old parkour phenom from the UK. They invite Elise to train together, and surprise her with her own video set in an airplane boneyard.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Wix for allowing me on set for Episode 1. It was such a rewarding experience going behind the scenes and seeing first-hand how the Wix creative team works on projects like ‘Up For Anything’. Their crew spent months researching Wix users to collaborate with, locations to shoot at, and putting everything together into the neat packages you see above. My favorite takeaway from this experience is just how passionate they are about their users; not to mention how truly talented Wix users are. Each and every person that was featured or helped create the ‘Up For Anything’ series is an actual Wix user. What a great way to utilize the people around you.