1800 Tequila Releases $2000 ‘Colección’

If you’re a tequila fan and have money to blow, you might want to check out this new limited edition offering from 1800 Tequila. Available in just a small limited edition batch, 1800 Colección comes in a hand-numbered bottle, along with a one-of-a-kind pewter decanter specially designed by artist Gary Baseman. The design is inspired by the tragic love story between a magical mermaid and a Mexican warrior.

“I am incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to work with 1800® Tequila to create an iconic decanter to celebrate such a special spirit,” said Baseman. “This design exemplifies my appreciation of Mexican culture, craftsmanship and creativity. I hope that tequila aficionados everywhere will have the opportunity to experience 1800 Colección® and that this special decanter will become coveted by art collectors and tequila lovers alike.”

1800 Colección Tequila with Decanter in Box

1800 Colección Tequila with Decanter in Box

If you want to add this unique tequila to your collection you’ll have to pay the price. At a suggested retail of $2,000 per bottle, 1800 Colección caters to the luxury spirit buffs. Only 40 bottles of this handcrafted tequila will be available across the country.

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