2015 Apothic Dark

Back by popular demand and just in time for the Halloween season, Apothic Wines has made available one of its most luxurious limited release wines, Apothic Dark. Named for a mysterious location in 13th century Europe where vintners would store their most precious concoctions, Apothic creates their flavorful wines by working with the individual traits and flavors of each varietal to guide its shape. In the case of Apothic Dark, as with the rest of their lovely wines, this technique has yielded a delicious result.

Apothic Dark was really a treat for all senses involved. Upon smelling the wine, I was met with notes of coffee with a touch of fruitiness. Drinking it revealed the source of the aroma to be blackberries and blueberries that, when combined with flavors of coffee and dark chocolate, created a beautifully textured taste. Finally, the mouthfeel and appearance of the wine undoubtedly went hand-in-hand, as the rich purple color looked as velvety as it was to drink. Definitely, an enjoyable experience all around.

My favorite dishes that I have had with Apothic Dark so far are Filet Mignon with a tomato and green bean side, and rosemary crusted lamb with parmesan-mushroom risotto and arugula. Really, this wine could be successfully paired with any grilled/roasted meat or game, so don’t be afraid to try it out with your own go-to dishes.

A 750-ml bottle of Apothic Dark retails at just $14, but grab them while you can, because this soon-to-be favorite won’t be around for long.

Apothic Wines sponsored this post. All opinions are mine.

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