3 Hacks for a Healthier Morning Coffee

Coffee used to get a bad rap. For decades, people unfairly lumped it in with other (decidedly unhealthy) stimulants like nicotine. Not only is coffee not unhealthy – it’s actually really good for you.

That morning cup of joe is filled with antioxidants, metabolic-boosting compounds, essential nutrients, potentially disease-blocking mechanisms and much more. Still, there are ways you can make your morning coffee even healthier.

Here are four all-natural hacks for a better morning coffee.

Kick the Cream and Sugar

Cream and sugar are fine in moderation, but if you want to make your morning coffee as healthy as possible, consider omitting them. Cream is high in fat, adding unnecessary calories to your morning beverage. And scientists have linked excess added sugars to a bevy of disorders like heart disease, diabetes and dental decay.

Even so-called low-fat creamers can be questionable; they are often highly processed concoctions containing stabilizers, glucose and monoglycerides.

If you can’t fathom a morning coffee without a bit of creaminess, consider swapping that heavy cream (or processed creamer) for partially skimmed milk or coconut milk. The former is an excellent source of low-calorie calcium, while the latter is a vitamin-rich alternative with a significant hit of antioxidants.

Try Adding a Functional Mushroom to the Mix

You read that correctly: mushrooms in your coffee. The latest health and wellness craze is more than just marketing – functional mushrooms like Chaga, lion’s mane, and reishi each have potentially incredible benefits when taken daily.

Try using chaga mushroom powder by stirring a teaspoon into your morning coffee to support a healthy immune system. Add a sachet of lion’s mane powder to your coffee to clear your mind for optimal cognitive performance throughout the day. Or stir in a three-gram stick of adaptogenic reishi mushroom powder for a blissful, calming start to the day.

Each of these mushrooms is revered in Eastern medicine, and current western scientific study is discovering they indeed have much to offer.

Spice Things Up

Spices don’t just taste great; many spices also contain fiber, antioxidants, antibacterial compounds, vitamins and minerals that your body needs for peak performance. Next time you brew a pot of morning java, consider the following spices:

  • Cinnamon: contains antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
    Unsweetened cocoa powder: an anti-inflammatory superstar
  • Cardamom: can potentially improve blood circulation
    Ashwagandha powder: You’ll often find this traditional Ayurvedic medicine paired with reishi mushroom powder for a one-two punch of relaxation.
  • Cayenne: If you can stand the heat, cayenne pepper powder is loaded with antioxidants (not to mention the stimulating effects of capsaicin).
  • Ginger: If you enjoy your coffee next to a big breakfast, ginger can aid in digestion and discourage bloating.

Each of these spices can be used in combination with the products above – functional mushroom powder and coconut milk – to produce a health-boosting, rejuvenating cup of morning coffee. The best advice is to experiment. Find a combination that works for you and makes you feel like your best self in the morning.