Are you looking for a new whiskey from Lark Distillery but aren’t sure which to try? Finding a new whiskey to enjoy can be tricky, with so many options to choose from. But it doesn’t need to be! Today, we bring you 4 of the best from a collection of whiskies from Lark Distillery to help you find your new whiskey.

1. Lark The Rising Tide

Lark The Rising Tide

First, we have Lark The Rising Tide, a stunning gold whiskey that can be enjoyed on its own or with food. The whiskey features locally grown barley and pure water from the Tasmanian Highlands, which helps to create its unique taste. The single malt is made in Port and Sherry cakes, helping to intensify its flavour.

It is ideal for lovers of sweet whiskey, as its toffee and apple pie flavours dominate, before leaving you with a fruit mince pie and dark chocolate aftertaste. The flavours make it perfect for pork and crackling, followed by a spiced apple crumble. A whiskey you can enjoy with your main and dessert? It’s a winner for us!


  • Nose – Orange and toffee, maritime, and stored apple pie
  • Palate – Citrus with roasted malt, honey, and caramel
  • Finish – Maple syrup with coconut, fruit mince pie and dark chocolate

What You Need To Know

  • Auburn gold
  • Sweet with citrus and dark chocolate
  • 51.4% ABV
  • Made in Australia

2. Lark Origins

Next, we have the Lark Origins, a whiskey best enjoyed on its own. The single malt is made with water from Lake Sorell, giving it an authentic Tasmanian taste. The sweet and fruity notes work well together, creating a buttery and fruity whiskey. It has a lower ABV than other Lark whiskeys, allowing you to enjoy a few glasses without worrying too much about the hangover the next day.

The lemon curd notes are present and work well with the apricots and cream, complementing the milk chocolate and caramel. You can expect a kind of whiskey in your throat while satisfying your taste buds.


  • Nose – Orange blossom, milk chocolate, and caramel
  • Palate – Cream, apricots, and lemon curd
  • Finish – Fruit mince pie and hazelnut

What You Need To Know

  • Golden
  • Rich and buttery
  • 42% ABV
  • Made in Australia

3. Lark Single Tawny Cask

The Lark Single Tawny Cask is made in Tawny Port casks, which gives it a sensational taste. The whiskey is perfect for anyone who wants a succulent drink to sip after a long day. The fruit flavours shine through beautifully without being overpowered by the mixed nuts and earthy undertones.

The whiskey finishes with chocolate, ginger, coffee, and oak notes. These work well together without overwhelming one another. The high ABV means this is not a drink for the faint-hearted. It’s dark orange colour is striking and will impress guests before they take a sip.


  • Nose – Peeled orange and red grapes, brown sugar, and baked apple Danish. Roasted almonds and beef brisket matches the earthy undertones
  • Palate – Banana, burnt orange, butterscotch sauce, plums, nectarine, with mixed nuts
  • Finish – Dark chocolate, ginger, cold brew coffee, and oak

What You Need To Know

  • Ripe Acorn
  • Opulent and succulent
  • 60.3 and 61.7 %ABV
  • Made in Australia

4. Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish

Completing our list is the Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish. The whiskey is filled with notes of jam, fig, apricot, and creme brulee to create a rich and tasty whiskey that is best enjoyed on its own. The whiskey is matured in Port casks before being transferred to Pedro Ximenez cakes for Seppetlsfield to create its unique flavour. The cakes are left in Lark’s tin shed bond stores, a space known for producing some of the best whiskey in the world. Its flavours work well together without overwhelming one another.

The finishing notes of chocolate, coffee, and oak will leave you wanting more without burning your throat.


  • Nose – Apricot, fig, creme brulee, beeswax, dried fruits, buttered scones, and Tasmanian barnyard peat
  • Palate – Orange and mango, hay, toffee, nutmeg and cinnamon, with plum sauce and pastry crust
  • Finish – Mixed berries and fruits with dark chocolate, espresso, and oak

What You Need To Know

  • Rich mahogany
  • Deep and encroaching
  • 58 % ABV
  • Made in Australia

Final Thoughts

Any of these four whiskies will be an excellent addition to your whiskey collection. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for another Lark Distillery whiskey to add or your first one to try. From rich flavours and fantastic food pairings to high ABVs and bold colours, these whiskies will make you want to bathe in Tasmanian waters and drink nothing else. Why not try one today?