Apothic is no stranger to creating innovative blends that push the envelope in winemaking. Their latest, Apothic Inferno, is a prime example of this. By taking their vast knowledge of winemaking, and combining the craft art of whiskey-making, Apothic has created a unique small-batch limited release red bland whiskey fans will love.

Apothic Inferno is aged in charred, white oak whiskey barrels for 60 days. Its red and dark fruit flavors from the wine are infused with maple and spice, giving it a nice clean finish.

“Those who have come to love Apothic know that we’re always looking to defy convention with unique blends and bold flavors,” said Christine Jagher, Marketing Director for Apothic Wines.

Each batch of Apothic Inferno goes through a time-intensive barrel-aging process. A process that is key to creating the bold flavor profile wine enthusiasts will love. The barrels too have gone through an intensive period before making their way to Apothic’s home in California. They aged whiskey for many years prior to being filled with Apothic’s red blend.

Those interested in trying Apothic Inferno must act fact, as I’m sure bottles are flying off the shelves for its limited release. The wine has an ABV of 15.9% and is offered in 750ml bottles, at a suggested retail price of $16.99.