Houston, we have a problem! I’m obsessed with Bell’s Cookie Co. and their addicting cookie flavors. I put off writing this post because initially, I was going to feature them in a Father’s Day round-up. After finishing the box in a shamefully short amount of time, I decided Bell’s Cookie Co. deserved its own post.

Bell's Cookie Co. Delivers Nationwide
Credit: Bell’s Cookie Co.

Bell’s Cookie Co. bakes their cookies fresh in Seattle daily and ships them nationwide. I’m currently living in Illinois and can vouch for their freshness, as well as how long they last. My wife and I tried four of the cookies before we left on our Alaska cruise and then ate the last four when we returned 10 days later. To our surprise, each cookie tasted almost as fresh as they were the day we got them.

Bell's Cookie Co box sets

Bell’s Cookie Co. currently comes in a box of 8 ($28) and a box of 12 ($36). Once you choose which size box you want, you can select from 4 different cookies, which will then be multiplied by 2 or 3 depending on the box size. This may be my only negative feedback I have for the brand, since you aren’t able to fully customize what cookies you want. If I had my way, I would pay a premium so I could manually choose the exact cookies I want.

Bell’s Cookie Co. Flavor Options

The box of eight I received from Bell’s Cookie Co. featured S’mores, Red Velvet, Confetti, and Chocolate Chunk and Maldon Salt. Each of them was a *chef’s kiss*, so don’t bothering asking me which was my favorite.

Here are the other flavors they offer:

  • Colombian Corn
  • Snickerdoodle
  • “Chocolate Monster” – Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips, Pecans & Caramel
  • Triple Peanut Butter Chip and Oat
  • “The Pantry” – Pretzel, White Chocolate Chips, Toffee & Coffee
  • Lemon, Blueberry and Shortbread
  • Vegan + Gluten Free Double chocolate made with almond flour
  • “The Bells” – Toffee, Potato Chip, Chocolate Chip & Pecan

Bell’s Cookie Co. also offers gift cards if you can’t decide which cookies to choose for your special someone. My next order, which will likely happen sometime this week, will be Colombian Corn, Snickerdoodle, “The Pantry,” and Lemon, Blueberry and Shortbread. I’m drooling just thinking about them.

Order your first cookie box here.