Be it from a coffee shop or a grocery store, when we think flavored coffee it’s almost impossible not to be bored. Sure, when they first came out the addition of vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate to our favorite morning beverage it was a novelty. But now that those days have long since passed, we are left staring longingly into our coffee cups, wondering where the excitement went. Thankfully, the last days of sipping nostalgically have been witnessed. Bewdly Coffee Company ($17+) has come to remedy our predicament, and then some.

Bewdly Coffee Beans
Maple Bacon Deluxe // Campfire Song S’more // Vanilla Bourbon Spirit

Established by a coffee lover, and independently owned and operated, this Toronto, Ontario artisan coffee company has quickly become known as a leader in the coffee industry. Bewdly Coffee has created unique flavored coffees that will make even the most avid plain coffee drinkers think twice. While making these blends, the creators not only take into account how well the additional flavorings will work together, but also the tastes that different beans would be contributing to the concoctions. Current staff picks for their collection– and I say current because the others sound so good I can’t imagine it doesn’t change on a daily basis—are the Vanilla Bourbon Spirit Smoked Coffee, and the Maple Bacon Deluxe Coffee.

All of Bewdly’s beans are blended, flavored, roasted (usually within 24 hours of being shipped out), and packaged by hand. They are available for purchase as either whole beans, or ground. Finally, what’s even more awesome about this amazing coffee creator: because they know that you’ll be a repeat customer, each purchase comes with discount codes for any future orders. So bust out those coffee pots and My K-Cups, because they’re about to see more use than ever before.