What do you get when you fuse time-honored bourbon tradition with a spark of innovation? Answer: Bib & Tucker‘s tantalizing new Double Char Bourbon. Announced in Stamford, Connecticut, on May 31, 2023, this new release is sending waves through the bourbon community, as it takes flavor profiles to a whole new level of smoky goodness.

Bib & Tucker, renowned for its small-batch bourbon, has always embraced their heritage. They’ve consistently delivered bourbon that pays homage to the turn of the century when food was cooked on open flames. This time, they’ve outdone themselves with the Double Char Bourbon. It’s a bold, intriguing twist on their typical small-batch bourbon that sends your taste buds on an unprecedented adventure.

But what’s all this hype about ‘Double Char’? Well, the magic lies in the process. This bourbon is aged twice: the first stint lasts six years in the rolling hills of Tennessee, where it rests in new white American oak barrels. After this, it spends another five months or so in a second barrel, but here’s the catch – this second barrel is heavily charred and smoked. This fire-forged double aging method gives Bib & Tucker Double Char its unique, savory and smoky character.

Tom Steffanci, the President of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, is understandably excited about this release. In his own words, “Double Char spends just the right amount of time in the second heavily charred barrel, creating a savory, smoky character that adds a whole new dimension to the bourbon.”

As a Tennessee bourbon, Bib & Tucker holds fast to the Lincoln County Process, a unique filtering method involving sugar maple charcoal before the bourbon goes into the barrel for aging. Double Char also honors this tradition. However, it adds another spin – the second barrel is smoked with sugar maple before being filled with the 6-year aged bourbon. This process, combined with the char and time in the barrels, results in a bourbon that delivers an inviting savory white smoke flavor unlike any other whiskey on the market.

Now, let’s talk about the tasting notes. The Double Char greets your nose with a touch of smoke and immediate notes of toasted oak and dulce de leche, accompanied by subtle hints of cinnamon and clove. On the palate, you’ll encounter a symphony of vanilla and sugar maple surrounded by white smoke, with whispers of sweet corn and toasted cinnamon. The finish is medium to long, leaving behind traces of oak, white smoke, and vanilla. Visually, it’s a deep, rich mahogany hue with copper undertones.

The Double Char joins Bib & Tucker’s impressive lineup of Small Batch Bourbon that includes “The Classic Six” 6-Year-Old Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey and the 10-Year-Old Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey. Priced at $54.99, with an ABV of 44% (88 proof), this 6-year-old small-batch bourbon whiskey is set to be a hit.

Starting in August 2023, Bib & Tucker Double Char will be available for bourbon aficionados nationwide, both in-store and online. So, mark your calendars and get ready for a smoky, savory, bourbon revolution!