In an industry where tradition often trumps innovation, Blacklisted Brandy emerges as a beacon of creativity and transparency. With its recent launch in the United States, Blacklisted Brandy is not just introducing Americans to its unique brandy expressions but is also redefining the spirit’s category. By leveraging ancient Serbian brandy-making techniques and committing to a clean spirit philosophy, Blacklisted Brandy is set to captivate the hearts of cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders alike.

The Heirloom Collection: A Taste of Serbia

Blacklisted Brandy Bottles

The unveiling of Blacklisted Brandy in the U.S. market brings forth four distinct expressions: Heirloom Apricot, Heirloom Pear, Heirloom Quince, and Aged Heirloom Plum. These spirits are meticulously distilled in Belgrade, Serbia, using only two ingredients: purified water and 100% heirloom fruit. This simplicity is a testament to Blacklisted’s commitment to quality and transparency, offering a non-GMO, glyphosate-free, grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, carb-free, coloring-free, sulfate-free, additive-free, and preservative-free product.

A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Blacklisted Brandy bridges the gap between Serbian brandy-making traditions and the forward-thinking preferences of American consumers. Each bottle is crafted with over 30 pounds of heirloom fruit, fermented and distilled in column and copper pot stills. The unaged spirits are then rested in stainless steel vats for a minimum of six months, allowing the flavors to mature and balance. The Aged Heirloom Plum, uniquely, spends 18 months to 7 years in Serbian oak barrels, acquiring a rich amber color and a deeper flavor profile.

The Vision of Draga Culic

Behind Blacklisted Brandy is Draga Culic, a visionary founder with deep roots in the spirits industry and Serbian heritage. Culic’s passion for transparency and sustainability in spirit production has shaped Blacklisted’s philosophy. The brand aims to challenge misconceptions about brandy and introduce a cleaner, more versatile experience to the American market.

Distinctive Packaging and Brand Ethos

Blacklisted Brandy distinguishes itself not only through its exceptional spirits but also through its visually striking packaging. Inspired by Art Nouveau, the packaging features pastel palettes for the unaged spirits and a bold black and gold scheme for the Aged Plum. The brand’s logo, featuring an upside-down serpent and a blossoming rose, symbolizes the victory of transparency and quality in the spirit’s industry.

Availability and Pricing

The unaged expressions of Blacklisted Brandy (Apricot, Pear, and Quince) boast an ABV of 40% and are priced at $59.99 per bottle. The Aged Plum, offering a bolder taste at 50% ABV, retails for $69.99. Currently available in select states and online, Blacklisted Brandy is poised for national distribution, inviting consumers to explore its clean, fruit-forward spirits.