The Bud Light Party released a new spot called “Labels,” where Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen highlight how all Bud Light drinkers are the same.

“From the start of our campaign at Super Bowl, The Bud Light Party has rallied around bringing people together,” said Alex Lambrecht, Vice President of Bud Light. “In our newest spot, Seth and Amy remind Americans that labels belong on beer, not people—a message Bud Light proudly supports.”

This latest video is shining a light on our world, and how we try to put a label on everything, but Seth, Amy and the Bud Light Party believe people shouldn’t have labels. Beer should.

“When a brand like Bud Light shows support for the transgender community, it makes a difference,” said Nick Adams, GLAAD’s Director of Transgender Media. “Not only does it help bring more visibility to the trans community, it also inspires other companies to do more to show their support. This ad also includes out trans actor Ian Harvie, which puts a face on the trans community and gives a trans person the opportunity to appear in a high-profile spot like this one.”