By now I think we’re all pretty familiar with the meal delivery box situation. A company has a list of—usually healthy—meal options, you make your choices, and they send the ingredients to your door for you to cook everything yourself. Pretty genius, especially considering how busy life can get. It’s hard enough to find the time to cook, let alone to make lists of what you need and get yourself to the grocery store. But what about your cheat day? Just because you want to indulge a little doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly found an extra three hours lying around. Lucky for us, the people over at The Boston Burger Company recognized this issue and were happy to provide the solution to this problem with BurgaBox.

BurgaBox Unboxing


BurgaBox is absolutely exactly what it sounds like: a meal delivery box for burgers and anything you could possibly want to enjoy with one. As you can see from the photos, these aren’t just any rando burgers either. These are MONSTERS. Beautiful, beefy, bready, cheesy, monsters piled high with enough extras to make sure you’re getting literally everything you can out of your anything-goes meal. I’ve pulled a few of my favorites and listed them below.

The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF!) Feast Kit

  • 2ea. WTF Burgers: 80/20 certified Angus beef with homemade mac and cheese, pulled pork, onion ring, homemade BBQ sauce, and Grillo’s pickles
  • 32oz Pulled pork mac n’ cheese
  • 16oz Garlic parmesan fries
  • 8oz homemade cole slaw
  • 8oz homemade famous Boston baked beans

WTF BurgaBox

The Green Monstah Feast Kit

  • 2 ea. 8oz The Green Monstah: Guacamole, pic de gallo, cheddar jack- 2lb Pulled pork mac n’ cheese
  • 2lb Bacon jalapeno mac n’ cheese
  • 1lb Chili wedge fries
  • 8oz side of Boston baked beans
  • 8oz side of homemade cole slaw

The Green Monstah BurgaBox

The Texan Feast Kit

  • 2 ea. 8oz The Texan: homemade chili, coleslaw, onion, cheddar
  • 2lb Famous 4 cheese mac n’ cheese
  • 1lb Garlic parmesan wedge fries
  • 8oz side of Boston baked beans
  • 8oz side of homemade cole slaw

Prices for BurgerBox start at $65 for meals for two ($75-$80 for four), and $16-$25 for sides. Not too shabby considering what you would pay for a normal night dining out. Check out the Shop page on their site to see all of their selections and packages.