One of my biggest pet peeves of fast food commercials is how they fabricate what their burgers look like. They try to pass off a perfectly manicured burger in the hands of their actors in hopes of tricking you into thinking that is really what their food looks like. Despite their fake, misleading marketing, we still find ourselves in their drive-thru ready to try their latest creation.

Burger King Japan is trying out a new type of honest marketing with its “Ugly Burgers” offerings. Their latest is dubbed the “Chicken de Ugly,” following the mega-popular “Cheese Ugly Beef Burger” and “Chili Ugly Beef Burger,” offered for a limited time earlier this summer, now extended due to the new sandwich.

Chicken de Ugly from Burger King Japan

This new sandwich is loaded with crispy fried chicken, flavored pickles, smoky bacon, stacked between two cheese buns. The “ugly” labeling stems from the intentionally slopping looking cheese buns.

Hopefully, we will get these here in the states sometime soon. Burger King, if you’re listening, I’m ready to review them on the YouTube channel!