As a Goth, Emo, or Punk kid who really sticks to the convictions of their respective lifestyle, you know how difficult it can be to find food that truly represents the way you feel inside. Let’s be honest, the only real option you have is black licorice and, unfortunately, that’s just not enough to really sustain you. Well good news! Now through the month of September, Burger Kings in Japan are offering an almost entirely black burger! Called the Kuro (“Black”) Burger for obvious reasons, the buns, cheese, and ketchup get their color from bamboo charcoal and squid ink. Apparently they released an almost all black burger a few years ago, but this time the cheese is black as well.


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The best part is, you probably won’t have to worry that you look like you’re enjoying it because there’s a decent chance it tastes horrible. So shuffle quickly, and grab your ticket for Japan, because these raven gems aren’t likely to last for long.