As the weather warms and spirits lift, Captain Morgan is setting sail into uncharted waters with its latest innovation, Captain Morgan Sliced. This exciting new line of cocktail-inspired ready-to-drink malt beverages is making a flavorful splash, promising an adventure in every can.

Unleashing Flavor: The Captain Morgan Sliced Lineup

At the heart of Captain Morgan Sliced is an array of four delectable malt-based flavors, each drawing inspiration from classic cocktails and designed to whisk your taste buds away on an exhilarating journey:

  • Pineapple Daiquiri Style Beverage: A zesty, malt-based twist on the island classic, marrying the vibrant flavors of lime and ripe, juicy pineapple.
  • Strawberry Margarita Style Beverage: Reimagining America’s beloved cocktail with a burst of zesty lime and sweet strawberry.
  • Passionfruit Hurricane Style Beverage: A tropical sensation that spins the classic New Orleans drink with tangy passionfruit, juicy lemon, and bright orange flavors.
  • Mango Mai Tai Style Beverage: An exotic concoction that blends fresh citrus and pineapple with the lush sweetness of mango.

“Sliced is Better”: Cutting Through the Ordinary

Underpinning the launch of Captain Morgan Sliced is the brand’s dynamic “Sliced is Better” campaign. Spearheaded by Laura Merritt, CMO of Diageo Beer Company, the campaign celebrates the adventurous spirit of Captain Morgan’s consumers. It’s an invitation to embrace the new, with “Sliced” symbolizing a fresh take on life that turns the mundane into the extraordinary—from transforming an old pair of jeans into trendy jorts to upgrading a dull sedan into a stylish convertible.

Availability and What’s Next

Captain Morgan Sliced has docked on shelves nationwide, offering a 12-count variety pack of 12 oz cans at a suggested retail price of $19.99, boasting an ABV of 5.8%. For those seeking even more adventure, Captain Morgan introduces Sliced Up—a new addition featuring Long Island Iced Tea Style and Tropical Hurricane Style beverages in larger 23.5oz and 16oz cans, with an ABV of 8%.