Redbreast Irish Whiskey is inviting whiskey fans to join the flock in helping keep the common birds common. The Irish whiskey brand teamed up with Irish actor, comedian, and whiskey lover, Chris O’Dowd, to create a funny video featuring the brand’s “spokesbird,” Robin Redbreast. The video kicks off the launching of “Robin Redbreast Day,’ a global date designed to raise awareness of the brand’s mission to protect common birds.

“‘I am really excited to be supporting Robin Redbreast Day. Common birds all over the world are facing serious issues that we need to come together and solve, so I’m encouraging everyone to watch and share the video across social media to get as many eyes on it as possible. BirdLife International does amazing work supporting common birds, so the more donations we’re able to raise the better!”

– Chris O’Dowd

For every view the video receives, 25 cents (EUR) will be donated to BirdLife International to help continue its commitment to keeping the Robin and other common birds safe for future generations. Give the video a view below to help support the cause.