Fans of jerky rejoice, you will love this subscription box from Craft Jerky Co.

I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t heard about Craft Jerky Co. until my buddy James Hills showed them off during a live stream. We were chatting about beer, and then he breaks out the box with eight bags inside. I was quite jealous.

My jealousy turned into curiosity, which later turned into an obsession once I received my first box. I couldn’t wait to open mine and see what artisanal jerky they sent over.

Craft Jerky Co. Review

Craft Jerky Co. review

Is the Craft Jerky Co. subscription worth it? 100% worth it, especially if you are a major fan of jerky and want to try new brands.

Depending on your budget or appetite, you can choose from 4 different subscription plans: 8 bags, 6 bags, 4 bags, or 2 bags per month. Free shipping is included with every plan, so the price you see is what you pay. The box I was sent had eight bags inside, featuring brands that were all new to me. Here are the jerky brands featured inside:

What better way to showcase the unboxing experience than in a video, right? I plan to upload an unboxing and tasting video to my YouTube channel this week so stay tuned for that. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button to know when my video goes live.

If you are as curious as I was I know you’re eager to sign up. Just be smart and save yourself money using code ‘JOESDAILY‘ at check out to receive 20% off your first month’s subscription. Doesn’t matter which box you choose, you will receive 20% off.

Big thanks to Craft Jerky Co. for hooking up the box and the discount code to my readers.