The whisky world is no stranger to aged blends, but when Crown Royal steps into the limelight with a blend aged 30 years, you know you’re in for something truly exceptional. The award-winning Canadian Whisky brand, renowned for its dedication to the art of blending, has once again elevated the spirits game with the introduction of Crown Royal Aged 30 Years.

This blend isn’t just about age; it’s about the unparalleled complexity that comes with it. The liquid embodies a tantalizing dance of luscious orchard fruits on the palate, further enriched by the gentle embrace of sweet, creamy vanilla. For those who relish the art of fine whisky, this expression is a testament to the brand’s consistent commitment to luxury.

The Legacy of Crown Royal’s Craftsmanship

Every drop of the Crown Royal 30-Year-Old speaks of the brand’s rich history, one steeped in innovation and unwavering dedication. Each whisky in this masterful blend has been distilled in Crown Royal’s iconic Coffey still, a rare and celebrated still that is one of the few of its kind operating in North America.

Crown Royal limited edition, aged 30 years

With its velvety mouthfeel and intricate palette of flavors, this blend offers a taste journey that is the culmination of time, expertise, and unparalleled passion.

An Experience Beyond Just Taste

To mark the launch of this blend, Crown Royal isn’t just selling bottles, they are curating experiences. An intimate tasting and dining soirée awaits a select few, where the 30-Year-Old Whisky will play the protagonist. Paired with a gourmet menu specially crafted to highlight its notes, guests are in for an unparalleled fusion of culinary and sensory delights. It’s not just about tasting, but journeying through time, craftsmanship, and the essence of what makes Crown Royal Aged 30 Years a genuine masterpiece.

Unique bottle produced for Crown Royal aged 30 years

As described by Tatiana Conti, Vice President of Crown Royal, this 30-year-old whisky represents the brand’s evolution, joining the prestigious Extra Rare series. Every aspect, from the blend itself to the meticulously designed bottle and its luxurious packaging adorned with hints of gold and iridescent pearl-like sheen, is curated to mirror the blend’s premium essence.

Special box for Crown Royal aged 30 years

Availability and Pricing Details

For whisky aficionados hoping to add this to their collection, Crown Royal Aged 30 Years boasts an ABV of 46%. It will be available in select regions: AZ, CA, DE, FL, GA, IL, LA, MI, OH, PA, TX, as well as on Military bases. However, remember this blend is a limited release, so time is of the essence. Starting from November 1, 2023, the 750ml bottle is priced at a suggested retail price of $499.