Canadian whisky titan Crown Royal has expanded its kingdom of flavors with the limited edition Blackberry Flavored Whisky, joining the ranks of Regal Apple, Peach, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla. Just in time for the warmer months, this innovation promises to add a juicy twist to our seasonal celebrations.

Crafted with meticulous care, Crown Royal’s master blender has infused select whiskies with the lush taste of fresh blackberries, striking a perfect balance between the fruit’s summery notes and the rich, velvety smoothness Crown Royal is celebrated for. The aroma tantalizes with sweet blackberry sauce and hints of vanilla, while each sip delivers a harmonious blend of creamy vanilla, caramel, and that essential blackberry tang. It’s like enjoying a slice of blackberry crumble in a glass.

A Testament to Innovation and Flavors

“Crown Royal has always led through an innovative approach to whisky, pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional and exciting flavor profiles to consumers. Our newest addition, Crown Royal Blackberry Flavored Whisky, is no exception to this rule. This new whisky is a testament to our dedication to innovation, as we aim to cater to the evolving preferences of loyal Crown drinkers and spirit connoisseurs alike. I am thrilled to see the enthusiasm and excitement from consumers as they embrace this delicious addition to our lineup.”

– Jesse Damashek, Sr. Vice President North American Whiskeys at Diageo

Crown Royal Blackberry Cocktails

Embodying versatility, Crown Royal Blackberry Flavored Whisky shines in a spectrum of cocktail settings. From the refreshing Royal Blackberry Lemonade, a signature blend that pairs the whisky’s sweetness with a lemony zing, to a laid-back Royal Blackberry Mojito perfect for poolside sipping, there’s a concoction for every occasion.

The whisky’s adaptability is showcased in four recommended cocktails that offer a modern twist on classics. Whether you’re hosting a vibrant outdoor gathering or a relaxed soirée, these drinks are designed to bring a burst of blackberry brilliance to your festivities.

Embrace the Flavor of Summer

With Royal Blackberry Lemonade poised to become this summer’s signature drink, this one-time offering is rolling out nationwide at a suggested retail value of $26.99. It’s an invitation to embark on a flavorful journey, one that promises to elevate your summer experiences with a touch of Crown Royal elegance.