When I think about springtime and the warm weather months, I think about lounging by my pool drinking cold, refreshing cocktails. There’s nothing quite like an iced, cold beverage to get you in the mood to lounge around in the sun for the day. With that idea in mind, one of my favorite whisky brands has come out with a new flavor just in time.

Crown Royal Peach pairs the freshly-picked flavor of Georgia peaches with their smooth Canadian whisky. As you might imagine, it works over ice just as well as it works paired with your favorite soda or whisky mixer. This easy-sipper is a must at your next backyard BBQ.

Crown Royal Peach Tasting Notes

A vibrantly delicious whisky bursting with the essence of freshly picked Georgia peaches, a touch of creamy vanilla and rich, signature blended whiskies. The full and warming liquid finishes sweet and smooth with an aroma of fuzzy peach skins and light notes of spice and oak.

I’ll report back with a few Crown Royal Peach cocktail recipes very soon, so stay tuned.