Domino’s Wedding Registry is a Tasty Start to a Marriage

I’m getting married this year, and one of the things I’m looking forward to most is creating registries with my fiancee, Sarah. Not because they’re gifts–everyone loves free gifts–but because they’re items purchased by our loved ones and that’s pretty great.

We both have gone back and forth where we wanted to register. We love to cook, so Sur La Table seemed like a natural fit, and since we shop on Amazon so much, that too seemed like a perfect option. But what if there was a pizza registry? How awesome would that be?

Domino's Wedding Registry

Domino’s Wedding Registry

Thankfully for Domino’s, pizza-addicted couples can now register for their wedding at Once created, za enthusiasts can customize their page with a photo and message to wedding guests, and select the gifts that fit their vibe: “Low-key Date Night,” “The Wedding Night,” “Bust Out the Fine China,” and more! Registrants can also share their wish list on social media or with a unique URL.

Visit to learn more.

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