I love it when a product can take me out of the city, and remind me that there was once a world outside of skyscrapers, traffic and expensive coffee. A product I can take with me on my adventures with friends; something we can sip on while exploring the unknown. Great America is that product.

Favorite Great America Flavors

Brewed and bottled to the brim in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Great America is, in my opinion, the perfect accessory for fall adventures. Available in six flavors (featured below) at 6%, 12%, and 14% ABVs, this malt specialty is a throwback to the past with a modern twist.

I recently took a some of my favorite Great America flavors with me on a hike through Lassen Peak with a few of my friends.

Hiking with Great America

Lassen Peak

We discovered the great outdoors just a few hours outside of where we lay our heads at night. It’s refreshing to see the world outside of our smartphones and from outside our cubicles in our tall office buildings. A place to stretch our legs and reset our minds.

During the hike, my friends and I stopped off in beautifully lush meadows, sipped on some Great America Apple Pie and admired the snow capped mountains off in the distance. It was the perfect start to an adventure filled weekend.

Hiking with Great America

Great America Flavors

I’m a sucker for packaging, so as soon as I saw the bottle design for Great America I just had to share. I especially love they come in jars, which obviously is a nod to the moonshine era. To think, we’re drinking our malt beverages the same way our great great great grandfathers did way back when. Very cool!

Great America Strawberry

Great America Red White & Blueberry

Great America Peach

Great America Lemonade

Great America Carolina Clear

Great America Apple Pie

How would you enjoy Great America? Would it be by a bonfire, during a cookout, or maybe at the beach?

I recommend following Great America on social media so you know when they release new seasonal flavors. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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