When it comes to enjoying a refreshing soda, we often associate the experience with the fizzy sensation of carbonation. However, two innovative companies, Satisfy and Trailrunner, are challenging this notion by introducing the world’s first intentionally flat soda – “Floda.”

Designed specifically for distance runners, Floda offers an alternative to traditional sodas that can provide a performance boost but often come with the uncomfortable side effects of carbonation. By removing the carbonation from their drink, Floda retains the caffeine and sugar levels that athletes seek for endurance, while eliminating the cramping and discomfort associated with fizzy beverages.

Andrew Lincoln, Trailrunner’s Head of Brand & Creative, shared the inspiration behind the development of Floda: “We’ve always kept our ears to the ground of our communities to truly listen to what trail runners need to keep running longer. We just tapped into something the ultra-running community has been doing along. We wanted to help make it more accessible for all trail runners to benefit from.”

Floda is not just a new product, but a testament to the companies’ commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of the running community. By offering a carbonation-free alternative to traditional sodas, Satisfy and Trailrunner are revolutionizing the way distance runners fuel their bodies and achieve peak performance.

Floda is a non-carbonated soda for runners

As Floda gains traction within the running community, it’s expected that this innovative beverage will encourage more athletes to explore the benefits of flat soda. Who knows? This just might be the start of a new trend in sports nutrition! Floda will be available for FREE to the running community through social giveaways and at additional running events across the United States and Europe this summer.