Frank August’s inaugural and flagship release is a true ‘Small Batch’ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey; each batch is blended with no more than 10-15 barrels. It theoretically is a Bottled-in-Bond product (BIB), but as they are not permitted to disclose their distiller, they are unable to include their distillery’s DSP on their bottle. And as a result, are not able to officially assign it a BIB designation.

Retailing for $69.99, Frank August’s ‘Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey’ does adhere to the stringent BIB requirements and is a testament to the high quality and standards the brand has set for itself. Frank August’s minimalist bottle design is custom-made to reflect the brand’s philosophy of modernity and belief that less is more. The bottle was intentionally crafted to function as a beautiful decanter, with a heavy-weight brass closure, discrete precious metal gold decoration, and a clear back label that peels away effortlessly, leaving zero residue.

In addition to their flagship ‘Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey,’ Frank August will be introducing two new expressions in October 2022: a Single Barrel product, as well as a ‘Case Study’ program where they will be experimenting with various finishing techniques. Frank August’s first release of ‘Case Study’ will be with Mizunara (Japanese Oak).

“We’re humbled and excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the rich history of bourbon, through telling the story of Frank August. Can bourbon be more than what we’ve confined it to be? Can its identity of America’s Spirit be more than that of just legacy? We believe so and look forward to telling that story.”

– CEO and Co-Founder, Johnathan Crocker

Frank. The state of being open, honest, and sincere. A philosophy that Frank August has been built upon. Bourbon is America’s native spirit, but as intrinsically steeped in the American experience as bourbon is, it has predominantly had one story, one strict narrative of legacy and origin. Respectfully, Frank August believes bourbon has a more expansive story to tell; one that belongs to all of us because it will be told by all of us. Frank August exists to evolve the identity of bourbon by uniting authenticity with modernity. Respecting the heritage and understanding of where we’ve come from, while looking forward and projecting those ideals into where we have yet to go.