Connoisseurs of small-batch whiskey know that it goes without saying just how much better the tasting experience is over larger productions. Honestly, when you consider just how much more time and special attention these whiskeys get, it’s hard to be surprised. The color, the smell, the range of different notes—everything about what’s in those special barrels is taken up at least a few notches. Of course, as with any specialty product, some are going to be a cut above the rest, and that’s exactly where Garrison Brothers 2019 Small Batch Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey falls.

Garrison Brothers 2019 Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Much like my favorite vodka, Garrison Brothers 2019 Small Batch is made from start to finish in one location. In this case, Hye, Texas. They start with a sweet mash of premium, food-grade corn, two-row barley, and soft red winter wheat and age it in new American oak barrels. While the local sourcing definitely makes a difference in quality, other factors like the Texas heat also lend themselves to the uniqueness of this handcrafted bourbon. The result is a drink that’s dark, rich, full, and smooth and boasts notes and flavors reminiscent of a well-balanced Texas dessert. It’s definitely one of the best whiskeys we’ve had in a long while.

2019 Garrison Brothers Small Batch Whiskey Tasting Notes

Garrison Brothers 2019 Small Batch Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey 94 proof retails for about $100; check out their website here to learn more.