I’ve always enjoyed Carl’s Jr. commercials. Not for the scantily clad women devouring unrealistic movie made burgers, but for their production value. Yes, their production value. Their creative agency, 72andSunny, is the ones to thank, as they’ve been with the brand since the very beginning.

Their latest masterpiece, “Rib Joint,” introduces Carl’s Jr.’s new character duo – Carl Hardee Sr. (Charles Esten) and his son, Carl Hardee Jr. (Drew Traver). While eating ribs, the two steal the idea for a new burger after overhearing a local BBQ expert mention putting ribs on a burger. And just like that, we get ribs on a burger. Watch the commercial below.

The Baby Back Rib Burger features real, boneless, baby back ribs that are charbroiled and dipped in sweet and smoky Cattleman’s® Original BBQ Sauce. The ribs are then stacked on one of the chains’ famous, charbroiled beef patties, topped with crispy onion strings and pickles, and served on a premium, brioche-style bun.