I love my iced coffee and cold brew. It’s what gets me up and going in the morning, especially during the really hot summer days here in Los Angeles. The problem is, my love of cold caffeinated beverages has developed a hole in my wallet. It gets expensive, people! Thankfully, I’ve found a solution that allows me to make iced coffee from the comfort of my home in a minute or less.

Meet the HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

HyperChiller has made it easy and cost efficient to have iced coffee (and cold brew) without having to go to the coffee shop each day. In just one minute, you can turn a fresh pot of hot coffee into perfectly cold, crisp iced coffee.

HyperChiller review

How to make iced coffee at home (w/ HyperChiller)

  1. First you assemble the HyperChiller by adding water and then freezing it. I recommend the night before.
  2. Once it’s frozen, you pour your coffee (or brew directly) into the HyperChiller lid.
  3. In as little as one minute, the coffee inside will be chilled up to 130° without dilution.
  4. Then pour your iced beverage into your favorite glass and enjoy. You can throw in a couple of ice cubes to make sure your drink stays cold. The ice won’t melt fast, so you won’t have to worry about it diluting your drink.
  5. Prepare your HyperChiller back into the freezer for its next use.

How does HyperChiller Work?

It’s actually pretty simple. The coffee (or whatever beverage you want super cold) goes in between two frozen stainless steel barriers. This allows for your drink to get icy cold without it being diluted. It’s like adding 30 ice cubes into your drink.

How HyperChiller works

I mentioned before how going to the coffee shop has left a hole in my wallet. Of course I’m exaggerating a bit, but when you really think about the amount of money wasted it’s quite staggering. On average a cold brew at Starbucks costs around $3.50. If I were to get one of those each day, that would be $24.50 a week. If you calculate the cost of the HyperChiller and the coffee you make from home, this handy little device would pay for itself in just under two weeks.

If you have a significant other, I’d recommend getting two HyperChillers for your house. One will work just fine, however I would hate to be left stranded without my iced coffee because someone (my wife) forgot to put our one HyperChiller back into the freezer. OH THE HUMANITY!

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