Dominos, the pizza company that practically invented pizza delivery, is now revolutionizing how you order your favorite pie; One large pepperoni, mushroom and jalapeño pizza for me, please!

In a continued effort to make the ordering process easier and more tech savvy for customers, Dominos has recently unveiled the Dominos Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo. Simply activate the skill by saying, “Alexa, open the Dominos App.” From there you can ask Alexa to place your Easy Order, Recent Order, or track your order.

Order Domino's from your Amazon Echo

Before you can use this Amazon Echo feature, or any other Dominos AnyWare app, you must first setup your Pizza Profile. This consists of all the basic items you need when ordering your food: address, credit card, Easy Order, etc.

What makes this feature so convenient is how it’s all done by voice. You won’t need your smartphone or computer to order ever again. Of course, this is assuming you order the same pizza every time, which we all know is usually the case. I know it is for me.

The Alexa Skill is just one of the many AnyWare applications Dominos has created to make ordering easy for their customers. To see all 12 current AnyWare apps, visit