Not that shots of tequila are ever a bad choice, it just isn’t the only way to enjoy tequila. In fact, those that have only experienced tequila through shots may never know the complexity of flavors different types of tequila can actually have. Similar to most whiskies, tequilas are also aged in oak wood. And with the flavored wood craze going on in the spirit industry, it’s no surprise brands are trying to keep up to please consumers.

Introducing 1800 Milenio, a premium tequila that is extra-aged in French Cognac barrels. 1800 is calling it their, “tequila for the whisky drinker.”

Milenio comes from 250 years of family traditions, passed down through eleven generations of expert tequileros. The process is quite unique. It starts with premium extra-aged anejo tequila left to mature for forty months in American Oak barrels. It’s then transferred to French Oak ex-cognac barrels where it’s finished for four months. Adding the cognac finishing to this premium tequila leaves it with a balanced, soft and unique flavoring, with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and caramel.

1800 Milenio is now available nationwide in select markets for a suggested retail price of $225 USD.