Similar to body builders, Lumberjacks need to eat a lot, too, to keep up with their intense training regimens and competitions. Like for the STIHL Timbersports Series U.S. Pro and Collegiate Championships this month (July 15) in Chicago, which just so happens to be sponsored by the makers of DINTY MOORE stew.

Coincidence? I think not – Lumberjack Adrian Flygt chops between 1,000 to 1,500 logs per season in preparation for the 10-12 lumberjack competitions he will take part in. With that sort-of training you better believe Flygt will be looking for a hearty meal. DINTY MOORE beef stew is great tasting, well-balanced and everything a Lumberjack needs to keep his body in tiptop shape. Not to mention that since its introduction in 1935, American Lumberjacks and families alike have made DINTY MOORE beef stew the No. 1 selling canned stew in the nation.

Adrian Flygt, Professional Lumberjack

From can to table in just minutes, DINTY MOORE beef stew is made with tender beef, fresh potatoes and carrots simmered in a scrumptious beef gravy.

Lumberjacks Love DINTY MOORE Big Bowls

The DINTY MOORE options don’t stop at their canned products and microwavable cups. I like to think Lumberjack and Lumbersexuals go big or go home with one or all of the DINTY MOORE Big Bowl products below:

  • Big Bowls Beef Stew
  • Big Bowls Chicken and Dumplings
  • Big Bowls Hearty Burger
  • Big Bowls Chicken Pot Pie Stew
  • Big Bowls Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

Dinty Moore Stew

As part of DINTY MOORE’s campaign to bring back the true lumberjack, Hormel Foods adventured to the forestry depths of Minnesota in search of a group of lumbersexuals, and they found them. Their mission: turn these plaid and bearded dudes into actual axe throwing, saw wielding lumberjacks.

Meet the DINTY MOORE Lumbersexual Teamlumber

Lumber Michael, Lumber Jamin, Lumber Ben, and Lumber Ian

Lumber Ben - DINTY MOORE

Lumber Ian - DINTY MOORE

Lumber Jamin - DINTY MOORE

Lumber Michael - DINTY MOORE

All DINTY MOORE canned and microwavable products are available nationwide at major grocery stores.