YouTube cooking genius Andrew Rea has struck again! In case you missed it, we recently featured a video he put together for his series, Binging with Babish, where he recreated (both literally and interpretively) the most notorious foods from Always Sunny In Philadelphia—which, if you haven’t seen, should definitely be your next stop after you’re finished here. For his most recent video, thanks to popular demand, Rea has chosen a series equally near and dear to my heart: Bob’s Burgers. I have to be honest, before watching this video I was still coming out of being pretty full from lunch, and I think I only got as far as halfway through the first burger before my stomach started growling. The man’s seriously brilliant. Of course, there’s no way there’s enough time to cover all of Bob’s masterpieces in a digestible (not sorry) YouTube video, but we’re pretty happy with the selections of the Baby, You Can Chive My Car, Bet It All on Black Garlic, and ridiculously epic Meatsiah burgers. So, enjoy! And know that, when you’re finished watching, you won’t be alone in the devastating disappointment that you’ll never be able to eat what you just saw.