The oldest of the great cognac houses just revealed Martell Blue Swift, a special new Eau de Vie de Vin made from 100% Martell VSOP French cognac finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks. Inspired by their longstanding history with America (since 1783), when they were the first to ship cognac barrels from France to the United States, Martell is now changing the norm by seeing what happens “When Cognac meets Bourbon.”

“The House of Martell has always proudly launched disruptive products, reinventing the standards through new blends, new designs and even new territories,” said Brian Smith, Brand Director, Marketing, Martell, Pernod Ricard USA. “Martell Blue Swift is a product born out of the power of curiosity, and we look to celebrate those who embody and share our curious spirit with the release of our latest innovation.”

Martell Blue Swift was born from curiosity, a trait that started with the founder Jean Martell. For over 300 years, Martell Cognac has continued to push the boundaries, while maintaining the superior quality Martell fans desire.

By finishing the aging of Martell cognac VSOP in Kentucky Bourbon casks, Martell Blue Swift is truly one of a kind. Thanks to Martell’s signature distillation process, the cognac is able to absorb the rich aromatic tones bourbon casks are famous for, thus adding a truly rich flavor of the final product. If you’re lucky enough to try Blue Swift, expect notes of candied fruit and plum, together with the sweetness of vanilla and toasted oak from the Kentucky bourbon casks.

The Martell Blue Swift bottle pays tribute to Martell’s swift emblem. Its “cut glass” designed base resembles classic crystal decanters, while the overall bottle shape takes on cognac and bourbon casks.

Martell Blue Swift will be exclusively available in select U.S. markets including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Houston and Washington D.C. this October with a suggested retail price of $49.99 USD.