Martell celebrated their 300th anniversary with the release of Martell Premier Voyage; a limited edition blend created using 18 eaux-de-vie from Martell’s cellar, surrounded by artwork designed by French artist, Bernar Venet.

By studying Jean Martell’s correspondence — documented at the Founders House — Cellar Master, Benoît Fil was able to track down Jean Martell’s suppliers between 1735-1742. Fil met with the wine growing families whose ancestors originally provided the brand’s founder with eaux-de-vie. After carefully selecting ingredients and creating the blend, the special cognac — Premier Voyage — was left to age in barrels made from the oak of a 300 year-old tree. Seems only fitting.

“The desire was to create a blend that reflected the journey and history of Jean Martell. We had access in our archives to the exact geographical locations that he went to. Therefore, we were able to visit the descendants of these winegrowers who today create the best quality eaux-de-vie. Martell Premier Voyage takes the best things from the past of Cognac and Jean Martell’s vision, and makes them something that we can enjoy today. This new blend truly captures three centuries of Martell turning cognac into art.” — Benoît Fil, Martell’s Cellar Master and creator of Martell Premier Voyage

Tasting Notes

When I first nosed Premier Voyage, I immediately smelled blackcurrant and orange peel. After a sip, and another sniff, I could sense a mix of honey and gingerbread. But that’s not all. By giving the glass a little swirl, you open up the blend to reveal notes of raisins and other dried fruits. The taste is powerful, yet delicate on the palate.

Only 300 bottles of this limited edition blend will be available for sale worldwide. Each bottle will be signed, numbered, and produced to order. If you have interest in picking a bottle up, a registration list is now open and accepting requests here: Did I mention each bottle is priced at 10,000 EUR?