Martel has added a new cognac to its distinctive lineup, and no surprise it looks to be as impressive as the rest (not that we’re surprised). This time around, they’re shaking things up with a blend that uses eaux-de-vie* from a single distillery. Aptly named “Martell VS Single Distillery”, the inventive blend creates an elegantly stronger statement of the 300-year-old house Martell style we all love by drawing on the same flavor characteristics and sensorial profile.

The House of Martell has always prioritized luxury to focus on the very quality of its blends, and as a result, the Martell expressions are characterized by outstanding depth and intricacy. With Martell VS Single Distillery, we aim to go further, with a disruptive, supremely smooth blend, born out of the spirit of curiosity, using only one distillation source.

—Brian Smith, Brand Director, Marketing, Martell, Pernod Ricard USA.

The golden Martell VS Single Distillery boasts a distinctive smooth and fruity flavor profile, and would drink beautifully regardless of whether being enjoyed neat or in a cocktail. With notes of plum, apricot, and candied lemon, the blend pairs well with citrus fruits and red berries.

Martell VS Single Distillery is available in US markets this March, with a suggested retail of $35.

*For those in need of a refresher (no shame), “eaux-de-vie” refers to the brandy—in the case of cognac, distilled wine—used to create cognac.