Brian Cox and Serena Williams in Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl ad

Michelob ULTRA is introducing its boldest campaign in history. The brand is celebrating with golf-themed advertisements featuring legendary athletes and entertainers and by partnering with Netflix, Instacart, and Devereux Golf for an integrated campaign across digital, fashion, sports, entertainment, and e-commerce.

The brand’s ad, “New Members Day,” features Serena Williams and Brian Cox, as well as other top athletes, going head-to-head on the golf course. This ad continues Michelob ULTRA’s commitment to gender equality in sports, with an equal number of male and female athletes appearing in the ad.

Michelob ULTRA and Netflix are partnering to promote the upcoming Netflix docuseries “Full Swing.” Viewers can scan a QR code during the Big Game spot to access the first episode of the series, which follows a diverse group of professional golfers during a PGA Tour season.

“Full Swing chronicles a pivotal moment in golf and we can’t wait for our fans to immerse themselves into the series and the lives of these talented athletes. Our members are always looking for unique ways to experience their favorite show or film and partnering with Michelob ULTRA is an incredible way to bring the two brands together to share the joy of the game.”

– Magno Herran, Vice President, Marketing Partnerships at Netflix

For the first time in Anheuser-Busch history, Michelob ULTRA is making the Big Game shoppable, allowing fans to purchase the beer through Instacart. Michelob ULTRA is the most purchased beer on Instacart for the last nine months, and this partnership will make stocking up for a football viewing party easier than ever.

Michelob ULTRA is also expanding its partnership with Devereux Golf to launch a limited-edition women’s line, a continuation of the brand’s commitment to gender equality in sports. The collection features several retro-inspired items that can be worn both on and off the golf course.

Serena Williams wearing Devereux Golf's new women's line

Michelob ULTRA is bringing new energy to the golf course and the Big Game by championing equal enjoyment for all. With exciting partnerships and a focus on inclusivity, the brand is sure to make a splash during the Big Game and beyond.