Here’s What a Moldy Burger King Whopper Looks Like

You can chalk this ad up as no one asked for it, but glad they did it. Burger King put out a new timelapse video that showcases what their famous Whopper looks like on day 1 to day 34. Before seeing the video, I just assumed it would look similar to the Utah man’s McDonald’s hamburger that appeared not to age a single day in 20 years. Scary thought, right? The difference here is Burger King is moving towards no food preservatives, which means their products will decay as they are supposed to.

This video is smart because it shows us two things: Burger King understands that they have to shift with the times, and transparency is essential. You know that someone will test this theory, and if their Whopper doesn’t come out nearly as moldy, they are going to be in a lot of trouble. These types of ads have to be accurate; otherwise, lawsuits will most definitely occur.

Watch Burger King’s video, ‘The Moldy Whopper’ below:

Moldy Burger King Whopper Time Lapse Video

The real question about the moldy Burger King Whopper is, does it change your mind about the brand? In my opinion, yes it does. I’ve never been a huge fan of Burger King, but happy to see they are making massive changes to align with the times. Besides this latest example of taking out food preservatives, they have also introduced their Impossible Burger, which from what I’ve heard from my vegetarian friends is a big hit.

Because of the moldy Burger King Whopper video, will I be going out to Burger King weekly? No, not at all. I don’t eat fast food of any sort anymore due to my new healthy lifestyle. Go me! But, if I were to have a craving during a road trip and needed something quick, you can be sure Burger King is now an option for me.

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