I apologize in advance for teasing my readers with this, because I am only now featuring Norman Love Confections ‘First Love’ collection for 2016. Unfortunately, I too wasn’t aware of this delicious collection until today when a variety pack arrived at my doorstep.

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day and first love, Norman Love has brought back ten favorite Norman Love Signature flavors from years past. The limited-edition First Love collection features heart-shaped chocolates available with the assortment of 36 Norman Love Confections’ Signature flavors in gift boxes of all sizes, or in the limited-edition heart-shaped gift boxes. As you can see from the photos above, I received them in one of his traditional boxes, featuring three of the First Love Signature chocolates and two of Norman Love’s other chocolates.

First Love Flavor Descriptions:

Curious what you’re biting into? Below you will find the flavor descriptions for each individual chocolate.

  • 5 Spice Milk Chocolate A delicate and flavorful Asian 5 Spice is infused into a creamy milk chocolate center for an exciting and exotic confection.
  • Lime Dark Chocolate A gently cooked egg cream, mixed with fresh lime juice, adds a punch of tartness to this sweet blend of dark and milk chocolates.
  • French Silk Dark Chocolate Silky dark chocolate pudding is blended with dark chocolate and butter for a decadent, creamy caress of flavor.
  • Gianduja Milk Chocolate Gianduja features smooth milk chocolate blended with hazelnut paste for a buttery filling in a milk chocolate shell.
  • Crema Catalana White Chocolate This Spanish inspired ganache brings together white chocolate and fresh citrus flavors with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon.
  • Muscadine Dark Chocolate Silky smooth milk and dark chocolate ganache will warm your taste buds with a swirl of Orange Liquor and a buttery finish.
  • Macadamia White Chocolate Roasted macadamia nuts are ground into a delicate white chocolate filling and enrobed in fine white chocolate.
  • Éclair Milk Chocolate Layers of vanilla custard and milk chocolate ganache create the perfect dessert within a crisp milk chocolate shell.
  • Java Fudge Milk Chocolate Vanilla caramel, cooked slowly and deglazed with espresso cream, is captured within a milk chocolate shell.
  • Pineapple White Chocolate Pureed pineapple is slow-cooked to perfection with vanilla and sugar, then finished with fresh butter and cloaked in white chocolate.

Unfortunately, by the time you’re reading this the limited-edition Love Collection will no longer be sold. However, I still highly recommend you visiting Norman Love Confections today and ordering up some of his delicious handmade chocolates. You will not regret it!