I’m a new dog owner and in a constant state of worry that I’m doing something wrong. You see, my dog Holly was horribly abused and rescued from a puppy mill before she came into our lives. She spent six whole years of her life inside a cage. The last thing I would ever want is not to give her the best life she can have after the trauma she endured.

Am I feeding her the right amount of food? Are we going on enough walks? Is she drinking enough water?

These are the questions I am constantly asking myself while trying to give Holly the best life she could have ever imagined. The latter concern was brought to my attention more seriously once Petralyte reached out to me.

Petralyte Review

Cofounder Alex Osborne created Petralyte after nearly losing his pup to severe dehydration while hiking in Los Angeles. He teamed up with Akash Appachi to consult with a team of veterinarians to create an electrolyte formula specifically tailored to dogs. The result was a product with a delivery system that improves the speed and efficiency of water absorption.

Electrolyte Supplements for Dogs

The Petralyte proprietary formula comes in various delicious flavors your dog will love, including turkey, chicken, and beef. You pour the packet out into their water bowl (8 oz or so) and let the formula do the rest to provide your best friend hydration and other health benefits. Petralyte provides its products in 16-pack, 32-pack, or 64-pack varients.

Petralyte Review

I wanted to do a Petralyte review but wasn’t really sure how to go about it since we aren’t exactly a hiking family, nor is the weather hot enough for any real concerns of dehydration. After reading Petralyte’s ‘Dog Hydration Supplements page, I realized it wasn’t just about keeping Holly hydrated. It was much more than that.

Like humans, we need electrolytes, whether we are active in the gym or outside. Like an engine, it keeps the gears moving inside and provides more energy. I wanted to make sure that Holly had her system in tip-top shape, so we decided to start using Petralyte every other day in her morning water bowl. The results were almost instant!

More energy, longer play sessions, and overall, just seemed like a happier dog. Seeing her want to play longer and just excited to be active made my wife and me happy. For months it felt like we were on an upward battle with making Holly feel safe and welcome in our home, but her moods have shifted. We’re definitely not on the downhill portion yet, but it feels as though we are about to reach the top.

I’ve yet to try all of the Petralyte flavors on Holly but can tell you she loves the chicken flavor. I’m curious to see what the vet will say after her next annual check-up. It will be interesting to see if they too see the noticeable changes in her.

If you’re interested in learning more about Petralyte, head over to Petralyte.com.