Snacking poolside with popchips

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I don’t know what it is about summertime that makes me crave all of the foods, but here we are. I’m currently sitting poolside while I write this and my stomach won’t stop growling. I’ll be right back; going to get some healthy snacks to munch on.

5 minutes later

Ok, let’s try this again. I’m still poolside, only now I have a bunch of the savory and sweet snacks popchips sent over. Here’s what I brought down to the pool with me.

popchips savory snacks

One of my all-time favorite chip flavors is sour cream & onion, so naturally, I am really digging the popchips variation. They mixed together the tangy flavor of sour cream with savory onion to make the perfect flavor combination. These are great by themselves or paired with a burger.

popchips Sour Cream & Onion flavor

I’m a sucker for buffalo anything, so I was super excited to try popchips’ Buffalo Ranch Ridges. The thick ridged chips feature a tangy buffalo sauce that is cooled down with a ranch aftertaste. So good!

popchips savory and sweet flavors by the pool

popchips sweet snacks

I did mention sweet snacking, too, didn’t I? After I had my fill of the savory treats, I opened up a pack of the Peanut butter and Chocolate Nutter Puffs. I’m a huge fan of all things peanut butter and these really hit the spot. They’re salty and sweet!

Additional flavors

If you’re looking for more snack ideas, might I recommend a few of the other flavors from popchips?

popchips savory and sweet flavors

In order of appearance above, there are Sea Salt, airy puffs with a dash of salt that are great for dipping; BBQ, smokey flavor without the messy sauce; Cheddar & Sour Cream Ridges, sharp cheddar flavor that is perfectly paired with smooth sour cream; and Peanut butter Nutter Puffs, similar to the chocolate version, with more of a peanut flavor.

popchips cheddar & sour cream flavor
One of my favorite popchips flavors

Make sure you head on over to the popchips website to see all of the gluten free classic popped potato chips, crunchy popchips, and puffs they offer. You can also use their store locator to see which stores near you sells them.

Happy snacking this summer, friends!