Smirnoff ICE, the trailblazer of flavored malt beverages, is back in the spotlight after 23 years, proving that true classics never fade—they only get better. With a modern redesign, a nationwide campaign, and exciting partnerships with celebrities and event organizers, the brand is ready to make a statement this summer.

Comedian Trevor Noah stars in a series of seven new TV spots, accompanied by a talented cast of experts, such as social media sensation LeJuan James, lifestyle influencer Kayla Simone, and personal finance guru Erika Kullberg. The ads serve up nostalgia and “delicious adv-ICE,” reminding us that “before there was seltzer, there was Smirnoff ICE.”

Smirnoff ICE original rebranded next to new Smirnoff ICE zero sugar

The brand’s revamp is just the beginning, as Smirnoff ICE plans an epic celebration of the late 90s and early 2000s. They’re ready to make a statement with a nostalgia-driven extravaganza that combines the best of the past with the excitement of the present.

Starting in May, the Smirnoff ICE Relaunch Tour will take off in NYC before making its way to cities across the nation. The tour will feature memorable experiences and performances from legendary music artists and rising stars alike, creating a perfect blend of modern nostalgia.

In partnership with Live Nation, Smirnoff ICE will be the official flavored malt beverage partner for 39 amphitheaters and seven iconic festivals. Fans can anticipate unforgettable live music experiences, where they can raise their hands, sing along, and savor the unique flavor of Smirnoff ICE.

New Smirnoff ICE Zero Sugar

Lisa Lee, Smirnoff ICE Brand Director, reflects on the brand’s journey: “More than two decades ago, Smirnoff ICE made history as one of the first flavored malt beverages and has been challenging the status quo ever since.” The brand is now better than ever, with new partnerships with Live Nation, Warner Music Experience, and Billboard, ready to engage fans like never before.

In addition, Smirnoff ICE is collaborating with online apparel giants to launch a limited-edition Y2K-inspired merch line. As fanny packs and flared jeans make a comeback, Smirnoff ICE is here to remind us that it’s all about having a good time.