Have you ever had vodka freeze filtered at -6°C? Yeah, me neither, or at least I don’t think I have. Smirnoff, one of the world’s leading premium vodka brands has announced a new super-premium vodka exclusively available for travellers — Smirnoff White. The freeze filtration process is just one of Smirnoff’s ongoing improvements to their distillation efforts, where their vodka is chilled to below freezing and passed through charcoal filters that leave you with some of the smoothest vodka you’ve ever tasted.

Global travellers will start to see Smirnoff White pop-ups in airports around the world where they will have the opportunity to test this unique product and purchase a bottle to take home. Starting this week, Smirnoff White will be rolled out to duty free stores across the globe, at a recommended price of $35 for 1 litre. Just lookout for the unique white bottle with a clear cut-glass base.