Sober Living - Here are 5 non-alcoholic drinks worth trying

Drinking is an important aspect when it comes to how we decompress, celebrate, socialize, or even handle stress. However, the number of people who are becoming sober or trying to live a sober life has been growing in the past few years.

These people do not want to stop socializing or even celebrating, but they want a tasty alternative to alcoholic drinks. Fortunately, the market for non-alcoholic drinks has also been on the rise.

Today, you can find non-alcoholic drinks in alcohol-like bottles while others mimic drinks such as tequila and gin to create the perfect non-alcoholic drink for sober living people.

Here are some of the best non-alcoholic drinks to try;

5 Non-Alcoholic Brands Worth Trying

Jukes 6

Wine is one of the most addictive alcoholic drinks in the world today. While you might have positive impacts from wine consumption, it can also bring mental health problems in the long run.

Fortunately, some organizations offer various treatments for mental health problems. They will also advise their patients against taking alcoholic drinks such as wine. The good news is that you can substitute the wine with Jukes 6.

Created by a British wine taster and writer – Matthew Jukes – Jukes 6 tries to mimic the taste, flavor, and depth of red wine. It is 100% alcohol-free. Jukes 6 offers a spicy, slightly fruity, and deep taste. It is a good alternative for former red wine lovers trying to live a sober-free life.

Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs is made with herbs, spices, and fresh juices to produce layered and complex flavored non-alcoholic drinks. They come in a beautiful bottle and a fresh taste as if they are directly ordered from their producers.

Ordering a pack comes with four different elixirs, named number one through to number four. Each of them offers a blanched but unique taste. If you are a former fan of gin, then the Curious Elixirs are the best non-alcoholic drinks, especially the juniper cucumber flavor.

All four flavors are exceptional, offering an amazing experience for sober living people. The bottles come in a minimalistic design with a paper seal showing each of the drink’s flavors. Apart from being non-alcoholic, they are also sugar-free.


Rasāsvāda is a non-alcoholic spirit that is produced using herbs, tea, and other adaptogens. This drink does not contain any artificial ingredients, extracts, sugars, or preservatives, making its nutrition label one of the best.

However, these drinks are made using items that you are not likely going to find in any cocktail. For example, you will find things such as reishi mushroom, burdock root, bergamot, ginseng, maqui berry, Pu’er tea, and artichoke leaf among its ingredients.

They are also produced for people who want a drink to help with hangovers, libido boost, and digestion. Rasāsvāda comes in three different bottles for its three flavors – Black Ginger, Rose Bergamot, and Ruby Artemisia.

CleanCo Clean T

CleanCo, a non-alcoholic spirit company based in the United Kingdom, recently launched the CleanCo Clean T non-alcoholic drink in the United States. The company specializes in the production of vodka, rum, tequila, and gin alternatives.

The Clean T drink is one of the best alternatives for former tequila lovers and those participating in the Dry January challenge. It is one of the non-alcoholic drinks that closely mimics tequila. It does not contain any chemical taste or smell, something that is common with most spirit mimics.

It is also low on sugar but still offers a clean taste. The taste has a hint of earthy and melon tones. Even though it does not offer everything you get in a tequila, it will serve the purpose for those who want to live an alcohol-free life.


Produced using ginger, cranberry, and white tea, TÖST is another popular drink among sober living people. It is sparkling and similar to spritz or cider and offers a celebratory feel like a bottle of champagne.

TÖST was produced to offer an alternative to people who used to drink during dinner parties but are no longer taking alcohol. It comes with a lovely fizz and a summery sweetness that adds to its celebratory feel.

It is packaged in a large bottle that resembles champagne or an exotic wine. It can also serve as an amazing gift for a person who does not take alcohol. Its flavor is also well balanced but is not good for those looking for sugar-free drinks.

Living an alcohol-free life does not mean that you should cut down on celebrations or socialization. With all the drinks discussed above, you can enjoy your moments even among alcohol-taking people without any problems.