Everything You Need To Know About Dry January

No, this has nothing to do with the weather – we wish there would be a January free from rain and snow! Instead, Dry January is one of those monthly challenges we see throughout the year. Do you remember Movember? During November, people don’t shave for a month in a bid to raise awareness for prostate cancer in men. Dry January is similar to this in that people can still use it as a way to raise money and awareness for a big cause: alcoholism.

However, it’s slightly different in that you don’t technically need to do any fundraising for charities at all. Instead, it’s seen as a personal challenge for people to try and complete. Effectively, the aim of Dry January is to go through the entire month without having a sip of alcohol.

Why is Dry January a thing?

It’s no secret that a lot of people overindulge during the festive period, usually consuming more alcohol than any human being should ever consume within a 4-week period. So, this is seen as something of a detox to help you kickstart the year in a healthy mindset. Similarly, the number of people checking into drug and alcohol rehab centers is increasing year after year. Alcohol addiction is a big problem, and Dry January is a way of proving to yourself that you don’t depend on this drug. If you struggle to make it through a month without drinking, that’s an early warning sign of an underlying problem.

Should you take part in Dry January?

If you want! You don’t have to, and anyone can take part. Perhaps you feel like you need to cut down on alcohol consumption, and this is a good way to encourage you to do so. Likewise, maybe you partake in this challenge to support someone else that’s doing it. Also, if you want to raise money for charities that help combat alcohol addiction, this is a great chance to do so.

Do you have any tips for making it through Dry January?

If you’re used to having a few drinks every weekend, Dry January can be a big challenge for you. However, there are some simple ways you can make the challenge as easy as possible. For instance, swap alcohol for alcohol-free beverages. Nowadays, you can find loads of alcohol-free beers, as well as things like alcohol-free gin, and even Guinness. A lot of companies are doing their best to recreate their popular drinks, minus the alcohol. So, you still get to enjoy the social experience of having a few drinks, just without ingesting any alcohol.

You don’t have to take part in Dry January, but it is a fun challenge that can tell you a lot about your drinking habits. A lot of people see some big health changes when they go a month without drinking, which is the best way of encouraging yourself to cut down in the future. It could be a great challenge to try, so maybe now is the time to give it a go!